Pre-Ride Safety Checklist For Motorcycle Riders

Pre-Ride Safety Checklist For Motorcycle Riders

When you get ready to head out onto the highway, there are a few things that you need to make sure that you check to before you begin your ride. This pre-ride checklist will help a rider to check all of the needed components of a motorcycle to ensure that it is safe to ride and will not lead to them having an accident that will result in injury or even death. Knowing these areas will help you a great deal to know how to perform a check of your bike. Tires and wheels: this is one of the most important parts of the motorcycle. If this fails, then your motorcycle could wind up losing control and send you into a dangerous wreck. Make sure that the tire pressure is up to the manufacturers standards and that there is no visible signs of wear and tear on the tire.

Check the wheel as well to ensure that all of the spokes are intact and are not damaged. If you are trying to find good kids dirt bike gear, you should definitely start with motorcycle tires. This will help to reduce the odds of a complete failure of the wheel. Checking all of the cables and wires will ensure that nothing breaks or binds and ruins your great ride. The throttle cable if it is damaged can quickly leave you on the side of the road and without a way to your destination. Applying the front brake, you should feel a little resistance and the wheel should not move. Make sure that you do the same thing with the back brake as well. Look and make sure that your lights are in proper working order.


It is important that you are able to see where you are going at night or in the middle of a rain storm. Turn the lights on and check both the high and low beams. Look at the casing and make sure that there are no cracks around the outside casing of the lights. Ensuring this will guarantee that you will not get stuck in a situation that you are in need of your head lights and unable to get them to function properly.

Gas and Oil: These two elements of a motorcycle are vital in making sure that you are not left on the side of the road without a ride. It is a bummer when you run out of gas and have to find a way to get gas for your motorcycle.

The lack of oil problem can cause more than an inconvenience, it can lead to your whole ride being ruined as your bike could wind up in a repair shop if you are not careful. Check your chassis, this is important to make sure there have not been any weak spots that had formed on the bike over the course of time. Look at all parts carefully and inspect them thoroughly, especially your sidi motorcycle boots. This will be a vital part of the pre-ride checklist that you should take a full part in. Now that you have an idea of the things that you need to look at, you are able to get onto your bike and take off for the open highway. This will be the vital parts of making sure that you are not going to have a perfectly good ride ruined by the sudden failure of a vital part. There are still plenty of other parts that can fail on a bike, but all in all you can only control the main areas as nothing is one hundred percent foolproof. Taking a little time in the beginning will ensure that you save a lot of time and money in the future.

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By the time the disappointment of Essendon’s loss had been drowned in one or two Crownies, many of Melbourne’s night owls, were re-gearing themselves up for the night ahead, that was sure not to disappoint! Whilst many punters headed to Slinky or Judgement Day, the Drum and Bass massive were rearing themselves for one of the most highly anticipated Tekstep nights of the year, which saw the return of the UK heavy weight and Metro recordings guru, Matrix, in his third Melbourne apperance.


I arrived at the gig just before 2:30am, to see the newly transformed Hi-fi Bar in full swing, with the sixteenth Tekstep party. Matrix had just commenced his set, and the dance floor was literally packed to the rafters. The vocalist talents, of Australia’s finest Drum and Bass man of the mic, MC Pab, accompanied Matrix. The duo rinsed out for a solid two hour onslaught. Matrix did not disappoint. In his incontestable performance, the entire Drum and Bass spectrum was covered.

For the night the EAW 750 “Tower of Terror” was installed…(Smart move!), which held the decimating bass lines of Matrix’s track selection like no other system in this city could. Following on from Matrix’s set, Rol’n, head of the Tekstep empire, stepped up to the decks, on a one track rotation basis, with Lex, Ruxspin, and even with the MC Pab getting a hand in on the mixing action.

For those who have not recently seen the new look Hi-Fi Bar, the upstairs bar, now has a sound proof transparent wall installed, which is the length of the room and faces the main downstairs area. This area was ideal for those who needed to step out of the main room mayhem, to sit and chill, but not miss a minute of Matrix’s set. The lounge area was filled with rare and infectious dub style grooves on the night, courtesy from the likes of the Deep Licks crew.


Highlights of the night have to go to Matrix’s flawless performance, and to the crowd, who stayed well after close. At most Drum and Bass gigs, the majority of punters leave after the international has finished. Because of the extended attendance, the atmosphere remained hyped.

Tekstep has been going from strength to strength with their international, and their local sessions, and here is hoping they continue to do so!

so… Get Ready To Rumble…